Micro-ATM or Mini-ATM, is a handheld device that allows customers to perform various banking transactions such as cash withdrawals & balance inquiries using their ATM debit cards. As the leading Micro-ATM API provider, Nyobnk delivers a cost-effective solution for partners to provide Micro-ATM services to customers in rural & remote areas with limited access to traditional banking services, from the comfort of their local store or shop. Through our M-ATM API, customers can withdraw cash & check the balance in their account. Micro-ATMs are contributing majorly to advance financial inclusion in India and we’re proud to bolster it with our Micro-ATM API.

Integrate Nyobnk Micro-ATM API now & enable secure & convenient Cash Withdrawals & Balance Checks for your entire network!

What are the benefits of Micro-ATM API?

How does the Micro ATM API work?


The Micro-ATM API works by enabling our partners’ merchants to provide banking services to customers in their local communities.


The customer initiates the transaction, and the merchant processes the desired transaction on the Micro-ATM device, which is connected to the bank's system via our Micro-ATM API.


The transaction is processed in real-time, and the customer receives a confirmation of the transaction via SMS. The result of the transaction is displayed on the merchant’s screen too.

Frequently Asked Questions on Micro-ATM API

Micro-ATM API offers important banking services such as cash withdrawals & balance checks.
It uses encryption and secure transmission protocols to ensure the safety of all transactions.
Yes, our API can be easily integrated with your existing platform with minimal technical knowledge.
Our Micro-ATM API is designed to process transactions in real-time, allowing for fast and efficient banking services