About Us

Building Bharat’s Digital Banking Ecosystem

Nyobnk is a NexGen B2B FinTech Company, solidifying an API infrastructure in the Banking, Financial & Verification ecosystems. We're building one of the world's largest Financial & Verification API stacks. Additionally, we have created a Unified Open API Platform to seamlessly bring all API solutions together on a single, comprehensive dashboard that will transform how BHARAT transacts & lead to greater consumer adoption, interface and delight.

We boast a product list of over 80 APIs across a multitude of segments such as Banking and Verification. With 1000+ partners onboard, we have solidified our place in the market and are poised to continue growing. We offer the flexibility to tie up with any bank of your choice. We believe in zero manual intervention, one can complete the online onboarding with minimum documentation and get started almost instantly. Furthermore, our dedicated customer support & tech support teams are available 24/7 to assist you at every step of the journey.

Our History

Nyobnk was founded in 2024 with the aim to deliver better, faster, & easier technology solutions. We seized our opportunity to create & deploy a variety of consumer-centric innovations to stand out from the pack. We have had an unforgettable journey so far & are beyond excited for everything that is to come!